5 Signs That You’ve Found a Great Recruiter

5 Signs That You’ve Found a Great Recruiter

In an uncertain employment market, you, the job seeker, need to utilize all opportunities available. Though it helps to have an inside connection interview handshakeinto your desired company, having these connections does not guarantee you a position after you have interviewed. Most companies have a series of hiring managers that must interview you first to be considered for the position. A good recruiter can help you increase your chances of being hired.
Here are 5 signs that you’ve found a great recruiter:

    1. Previous achievement placing candidates.
      You want to work with someone who has proven themselves and spent time successfully placing candidates. Find a recruiter whom can easily talk about their past success stories and has solid recommendations or testimonials. The recruiter you want to work with should have a solid book of happy clients in your desired field.
    2. Detailed insight into the hiring company.
      Recruiters should have insight into the company, unbeknownst to the general public; they are your inside connection to the job. They should be familiar with the company culture and personally know the hiring manager. Ask them questions about key insights into the company before an interview that might not be easily found online
    3. Extensive knowledge about the position.
      A good recruiter is aware of when the position opens and why the company is hiring. The recruiter should know what you will need to become a permanent hire for the company and help you understand those requirements. A company that has a successful relationship with the recruiter will trust the recruiter’s choices of candidates. You can then enter the interview knowing that you are the best candidate for the position
    4. Ability to determine key job duties.
      Job postings are filled with technical discourse to weed out those who don’t speak the language. Sometimes postings are overloaded with possible job duties that may or may not fit your qualifications. A good recruiter will know what job duties are key and highly sought after by the company and which duties are less important. The recruiter will have an extensive knowledge of the job statistics, but also have a distinct understanding of the core talent portrayal.
    5. Intimate network of professionals.
      Your recruiter should have a solid network of key company managers and intimately understand the company’s culture. Take the time to review the recruiter’s connections and not just the volume of candidates they have placed. This gives the recruiter an upper hand when placing you with the perfect company for your personality.

Recruiters at River City Staffing focus on finding your ideal job using an array of key indicators rather than just placing as many potential employees as possible. A common misconception is that we only place temporary or temp-to-hire positions, but at River City Staffing, we place candidates in a large number of direct hire positions, as well. We make it a point to focus on “business matchmaking” versus client- employee placement, which makes a reputable resource for many direct hire companies.

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