Job Satisfaction on the Rise in Sacramento

Job Satisfaction on the Rise in Sacramento

We have heard it all; the bleak outcome of our economy and the heart wrenching stories of people losing their jobs, but Sacramento does have job satisfactionsomething to look forward to!

A recent survey went around to various cities in the United States and analyzed employees’ responses to their jobs using the following satisfaction ratings:

  • overall satisfaction
  • compensation and benefits
  • senior management
  • business outlook in the next six months
  • number of employers hiring

A list of the top 50 cities along with ratings from one to five was published late last month. All in all, California grabbed six of the top 50 spots with San Jose and San Francisco snagging the number one and two spots and San Diego coming in seventh.

Sacramento was number sixteen and showed a whopping 2,215 employers hiring in the region. 78% of the people surveyed believe that Sacramento’s businesses are either going to get better or stay relatively consistent; a positive outlook for current job seekers in the area. California as a state also increased the labor force by 2,000 and offered 18,500 more jobs with a 0.1% decrease in unemployment in June.

For a look at some of the jobs in Sacramento, visit our job board.


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