How to “WOW” Your Boss

At River City Staffing we see it all and know when we spot a qualified and amazing employee. There is a sparkle and drive well established and we get excited. When we spot an exceptional employee, we are sure to either place them right away or work hard to find that perfect client that would benefit from hiring an exceptional employee. exceptional employee

Just recently we were having a discussion with a few entry level employees and were asked, “How do we become exceptional employees and ‘WOW’ our bosses?” This was a list that we developed to help employees become exceptional.

“That IS not my job!”

While sometimes we are asked to do additional things outside of our job description and our immediate reaction would be to not do it, exceptional employees challenge themselves to learn about other areas in their company. Learning about your company means that you will garner a higher appreciation for other peoples’ jobs and when making decisions about how to do your own job, you will factor in the difficulty level of others.

Make Efficient Decisions

You notice that toner is available five dollars cheaper from Staples than Office Depot, however you have an account with Office Depot. Do you take the time to review the costs and present a savings plan to your boss or do you shrug and think, “What is five dollars anyway?” Presenting a savings plan for even a small cost savings shows your ownership in the company and that you care how money is spent.

Creative Brainstorming

If you are in an entry level position, then many times you are the support staff or administrator instead of the sales team. An exceptional employee will brainstorm to develop new ways for the company to grow. Identifying a new sales lead, creating new collateral, developing new systems, etc. are just a few examples of how creative brainstorming helps move your company to the next level.

Developing the Solution

Someone once told me, “Problems are just solutions waiting to be solved.” When you think of problems like this, you are actually being proactive instead of reactive. Reactive employees are always fixing mistakes, but proactive employees work to solve problems before they become problems.

Be Transparent

When bad news hits, exceptional employees are the first to stand up mention the bad news, but not before they have developed a possible solution to manage the problem. They make sure to always be clear and never hide the news!

Perform Like a Boss

Many bosses got where they are by being exceptional and performing to the best of their ability. Now is your chance to increase their trust in you by being their “go-to” person by performing the same way. The higher you perform, the more trust your boss will place in you and the more they will appreciate your work.

No Drama

The key to being an exceptional employee is by bringing yourself up along with everyone around you. Being exceptional means creating an atmosphere where everyone feels like they are succeeding and achieving without you smothering them with how well you are doing.

Continued Education

When a boss explains what they want from you, we encourage you to ask questions, but when you can research and find answers, DO IT! In the middle of finding new answers, you might discover a new way of doing business or a new system that increases efficiency.

Communicate Socially

Smiling and having a good time is important, but sometimes is not an everyday occurrence. Exceptional employees do their best to leave baggage at home, but also do not fake a smile in the office. They are real and take into account the attitudes of people around them. They are there to talk when needed and increase overall office morale.

Set a Standard

When exceptional employees are in a workplace they challenge that workplace to grow without even knowing it. Coworkers and bosses challenge themselves and feel confident working with someone that excels at their job.

Are you an exceptional employee? Search our job board to find new opportunities available to you! We are ready to meet you and learn more about how you can be an exceptional asset to our team!


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