How to Get a Job When You are More Experienced

How to Get a Job When You are More Experienced

Finding a job is tough right now; especially if you are an older, more experienced person. You probably are well aware of that, if you are reading this article.  How do you land a job when you are an older candidate competing with a candidate who is fresh out of college?  Here are some things you should consider doing in order to land your perfect job.

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1. Update your Resume

Your resume is the first impression you make on your potential employer.  Make sure it is the BEST representation of you and a modernized version!  If you still have “References available upon request” at the bottom of your resume, remove it.  Everyone knows you will provide a list of references if they ask.

2.  Modernize the Font

If your resume is still in Times New Roman font, try changing it to Calibri or Geneva.  It will make your resume stand out from other candidates but still have the professional look you want.  Make sure the font is easy to read.

3.  Exclude the Objective

Modern resumes do away with the objective all together and replace it with headlines or bullet points.  They know you want the job, so make a more personal connection by answering the “Why you?” question.

4.  Include social media links

Show potential employers you can function in a technical workplace; let’s face it they will look you up anyways. If they see you possess a professional Facebook page, twitter account, and Google+, they might see past the preconceived notion that older people don’t do well with technology.

5.  Highlight Recent Experience

By highlighting an accomplishment made 15 years ago, you may give the impression that your best days are behind you. If you don’t have enough recent experience, volunteer to have something more recent to highlight.  You are just an old car with a new engine with plenty of more miles to go and you are ready for the race!

6.  Stay away from a list

Don’t make a list of all of your accomplishments.  Stick to highlighting 2-3 of your most recent accomplishments and make a connection to the target job.  Lists are meaningless because they probably don’t know what “Peer facilitator for Social Justice and Discrimination” is, so explain yourself and dig deeper.

7.  Continue your Education

Every work field is constantly changing.  Stay up-to-date in your field by enrolling in a couple courses or a certification program.

8.  Be your own Boss

Start your own business.  The reality of the future is self-employment and temporary firms that outsource talent.  Wouldn’t you rather make money for yourself rather than someone else?  Why not pursue your real passion and replace your salary by doing so?

9. Stay positive!

Remember that experience is a value to many employers, especially if you have longevity and a younger, less experienced employee is not always the best fit. Be confident in your background and what you have to offer. Keep it current and recent but take the position of being able to step in and hit the ground running!


Follow these tips and you will most likely be successful in landing a job.  Also check out sites that are specifically in search of experienced workers (50 years old and up) such as or .  Remember to always keep an open mind while job searching and stay positive because an opportunity make arise that you weren’t expecting that could change your life!


Contact River City Staffing and let us help you successfully land that job you have been searching for.  We will assist you in updating your resume and even set you up with a mock interview and provide feedback!

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