How do I find good applicants to hire?

How do I find good applicants to hire?

During your hiring process you may be thinking, why can’t I find a good applicant to fill these open positions?

finding good applicants

If you have a strict set of requirements that the applicant must fill, there is your first problem.  Yes, of course you want an applicant to have experience and fit in with the culture of the company.  Requiring an applicant to meet the 3-5 years experience criteria can actually be worse than being open to hiring an applicant with 1-year of experience.  Having 3-5 years under their belt is great, however it may be hard for them to let go of their old ways and develop new ways of thinking.  If you were to hire a person with less experience it might be easier to mold them to your company and benefit from their fresh ideas.

Most companies don’t put a lot of thought into what they want in an applicant or what it would be like to work for them.  This hinders their search drastically because the job description turns into a history lesson about the company rather than a simple list of what the company would like in an applicant and what it would be like to work for them.

If the job post is too long or too complicated, it will turn applicants away from applying.  Many companies now outsource the hiring process to consulting and recruiting firms.  They are worth the money if you are unsure of what you are doing.  Make sure they are credible and get reviews from people who have worked with them in the past so you are assured that they will be worth the money and you will reach your goal of hiring a great candidate.

On top of hiring a great candidate, you want to make sure they will be successful and help your company expand.  You may want to consider hiring within the company since they normally cost less than external hires.  In fact, external hires salaries 18%-20% higher than promoting home grown talent.

Below are steps to follow during your recruiting process:

1. Determine the need

2. Identify sourcing options

3. Collect applications

4. Interview

5. Hire

6. Help them succeed


Although all of these steps have multiple sub-steps, the first two are the most important because when you don’t do the first two correctly the rest has no relevance.  When determining your need don’t just figure out xyz needs, but dig deeper and what kind of personality will fit in with the company’s culture and to succeed in the job.  Put a lot of thought into what kind of people you want to recruit because those people will make up your applicant pool.  Also when identifying your sourcing options, look past simple job boards and newspaper postings.  Attend job fairs, professional associations, clubs, or business referrals.  Look at possibilities for internal promotions as well.


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