How to be the BEST Job Candidate

How to be the BEST Job Candidate

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1.  Look and Sound better

2.  Prepare better

3.  Interview better

When you are interviewing for jobs, you want to put the best you forward.  People tend to forget that it is a competition and the person who can make the best impression wins.  If you want to win the job then you have to put the time and research throughout the interview process, starting with the phone interview.

Look and Sound better

Most companies start with a phone interview since it is an easy way to weed out candidates.  Give clear, short answers to every question and they will ask you to provide more information if they want to know more.  Every once in a while you can ask, “Would you like me to provide more insight?”  Also make sure you are in a quiet place and standing up when you are talking.  This will allow them to hear you loud and clear and if you smile they will hear the upbeat tone in your voice!  Sometimes recruiters will ask for a video call but not necessarily tell you that beforehand, so if you are on a Skype call or if they send you a link to Microsoft Lync, or WebEx, make sure you are dressed for an interview and in a presentable area for viewing.

Prepare better

Preparation is necessary before interviewing in-person.  If you are the candidate that talks too much about yourself and doesn’t show passion for the type of work you will have to do if hired, then you won’t get the job.  Research the company beforehand and have organized notes.  Pulling out your notes for an interview will show them how well prepared you are and that you are organized.  You can tell them that you are organized and prepare well in advance, on your resume but showing them makes a more memorable impression.  LinkedIn often offers great insight about the culture of the company through discussion groups. See what questions other people are asking.

Interview better

During the entire interview process you are essentially a sales person trying to sell yourself to the recruiter.  If you don’t leave an impression, you won’t be remembered when they are choosing a candidate to hire, so make sure you WOW them.  Confidence is key because if you don’t have confidence in yourself, no one else will.  Managers are hiring the best-qualified candidates who make an impact quickly. Make it clear that you want the job and you are the best candidate for the position.

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