Succeed with Determination

Succeed with Determination

Do you have a dream you have been working toward for a long time? Are you finding it seems out of reach? Or, maybe you are going through a difficult time looking for a job and burdened with debt. Perhaps you are in the middle of a tragedy, suffering the loss of a loved one, or facing an illness, or you hate your boss.

Whatever adversities we face, there are days – someimes weeks or even months – when we want to pull the covers over our heads and stop trying. Some of us give up altogether, while others manage to persevere. What’s the difference between those who quit, and those who just will not give up?

Determination– Firmness of Purpse; Resoluteness

Resoluteness– Firmly Resolved or Determined; Set in Purpose

Your path to success is always based on the determination that you have engrained within yourself. Determination aligns your energy and attention towards your focus. Determination is not whether you are a good or bad person, it is about what you are willing to do to achieve your end goal.

Work From YOUR Point of Strength

Not all forms of determination are the same find yours. It can come from a conscious choice or even a point of helplessness in your circumstances. Where ever you find your strength know it is ok to start with the easiest option that is available. Study your circumstance and your intention, then choose a path that blends together. Doing this ensures that you always have something to fuel your intention.

Deliberate Practice

No matter what career you are in one should always improve one's character. Ultimitly it is what defines YOU in your career.

Avoid Distractions  

Remove your distractions so it does not lead to a dimmed focus. Even though you know what’s best for you, distractions make it difficult to decided what to do sometimes. On the other hand, if you identify what distracts you and stay committed to avoiding it, then you’ll become much more focused on your goal.

Narrow Your Choices

Make a list of goals for yourself and remove things that are not conducive to that goal. Look your list often to see where you are on your path and check off aquired goals to help keep you determined.

Be Deeply Committed

Being committed means to make a solid, well thought out plan that displays the best path to achieve your goals….and then sticking to it without deviating from your plan.

Create Personal Values

Make personal values that you will not compromise for anything else. Personal values give you a purpose for staying committed to the goal even when everything else seems meaningless.

Sure you can have low morals, be determined and still reach your goals, but if you want to remain happy no matter what position you are in, then don not “sell yourself out” or step on someone else’s toes just to get further. Keep the personal values aligned to the values you create so that you work in a proactive way.

Take Action

You learn from your past and mistakes so you need to put your attention on what you do. It is all good to have a vision and a plan of getting there, but the steps you make now will lead you to the goal or away from it. Aim to make good use of any opportunity that you get on any given day because it may not come around again. Do not wait for inspiration but instead, you must seek it and you will find it.

The Finish Line

This is when reality sinks in and you have to deal with the present situation. There is no doubt there are times when nothing goes according to plan and you just feel like giving up. Stay committed, keep your values and NEVER give up and you will reach that finish line.

A job worth doing is a job worth doing well!

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