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According to recent studies, two in five retailers plan to hire seasonal employees this year, which is an increase from last year’s 39 percent to 43 percent. A percentage of these companies will transition some seasonal employees into full-time, permanent positions.


Though holiday season positions happen mostly in retail and shipping, other industries may have the need to bring on temporary employees through the end of the year. When this does occur, agencies have to realize the opportunities that this will create. Seasonal hiring creates a great spike in revenue and should honestly be considered.


As odd as it may sound, some turn down seasonal hiring because it may not turn into a regular working position for them. While this may be true for some, others may turn the extra work down because of a few other reasons — jobs may be too low level, duration may not be long enough, or not enough income made from these positions.


Typically, holiday hiring is 1-2 months long and there will be multiple openings. This is a great chance for seasonal employees to prove they are better than the competition and show a hiring manager they are skilled, now-trained,reliable employees.


The holiday hiring may not just last through the holidays — that 2 month contract may turn into long term employment. It is very common for temporary engagements to be extended, regardless if it is the holiday season or not.


Word of mouth is always a highly valuable tool to help secure employment. That person you just helped may sing your praises to someone in their network and may create an opportunity for you. This scenario would greatly improve your chances of obtaining a full time position. A reputation is created by those we serve.


With ‘pros’ there are usually some ‘cons’. Even with all the possibilities; we also have to be realistic. Some of these companies may only need you for the holidays and never call you again. A spike in revenue is always good for companies however,the position may end as scheduled. Be thankful for the seasonal position, always do the best work you can and leave with pride, respect and on a good note. They may be your next reference to secure another position or even hire you back next year! Either way, the possibilities are endless.

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