Selling in the Business Industry

Selling in the Business Industry


selling in the busniess industry

More than ever, employee’s are selling products and services in business industry. In life, we’re constantly selling our ideas, our plans and more. Being able to influence others is a crucial part of the selling process.The best salespeople seem to practice a set of common habits. Here are a few habits of highly successful salespeople.

1. They Hustle

When times get tough, the unsuccessful want to circle around and settle down into something safe and cozy that they know. Unfortunately, life was not designed to be cozy and safe. Rewards in life are often given to those who take risks and venture forth in hustle mode. Successful people have a sense of urgency about them. They know how to embrace hustle mode when it is necessary.

2. They Constantly Work at Forming Relationships

They are not pushy salespeople. Instead they are constantly creating, building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. They think of themselves as constantly nurturing, caring and doing the day-to-day tasks to grow a strong relationship farther down the road. Which in return creates loyalty.

3. They make direct, personal connections

They deploy social media with pinpoint, precision accuracy. None of this “My cat is sleeping” kind of baloney. They research like crazy and then they take massive action to connect with others in a way that is meaningful to the other person. Let your prospects see you as an ally rather than just another pest trying to fake a common interest only to sell your stuff.

4. They are resoundingly resilient

They know they are going to get knocked down every now and then. But 99 percent of the time they know they can get back up, dust themselves off, and get back in the game. Smart salespeople learn from mistakes and make themselves better after a bruising.

5. They Don’t Have Pity Party

They don’t settle for a lame, “Well, at least I tried,” pity party. They keep going till they get results. Stop resting just because “you tried”, you get paid for results.

All in all consistently forming personal connections, keeping a since of urgency about you and not always stopping for a pity party are great qualities to get you to being a great sales person. If you fail, feel it, make a list of possible mistakes to learn from, go over the whole process and correct it next time by using what you learned.

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