How to Maintain a Fresh, Professional Wardrobe

How to Maintain a Fresh, Professional Wardrobe

3PIECE_SUITWhen you look at your professional wardrobe, you have a selection of clothes that you’re rather proud of, but what if there was a way to hone and refine those clothes to accentuate your professional image?

After spending hundreds of dollars on your suits, understanding how to wear them correctly is the key to your professional success. We all know that a suit should never be worn two days in a row. While we might think we are getting away with it and no one will notice, suits need a period of time to be “forgotten”  by your coworkers so that when you wear it again, it presents itself as a fresh, new look.

Understanding how to give that fresh, new look each time is a learned trait that stems from how you accessorize your suits. Dress shirts, ties, pocket squares, shoes and even your socks refresh your wardrobe and provide a variety of looks that make the same suit look different each time it is worn. Focusing on less expensive ways to accessorize such as socks and ties, is a great way to make your selection even larger.

When choosing these accessorizes or even the suit itself, take into account your skin tone, eye color and hair color. Matching these simple features correctly with your accessorizes can really add to your appearance. Remember, not paying attention to your natural colors can also take away from your appearance as well. If you are unsure, pay attention to the amount of comments you get when you wear each suit with accessorizes. People will naturally compliment colors that react nicely to your natural features.

If you are unsure, keep your suits and accessorizes neutral with whites, blues, and grays and add in some accessories using patterns, such as stripes. When you start getting ambitious and want to add in more vibrant colors such as yellows, reds, and purples, pay attention to reactions from others or consult your tailor. Make this transition slowly as you evolve your wardrobe.

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