Take Off the Hats

Are you too tired to think? Too busy to do what you need to, much less expand your operations? It’s time for you to take off a few hats. HATS1

The entrepreneurs who own and operate small businesses tend to throw their hearts and souls into their work and also tend to perform every job required — at least at first.

It’s common to work as CEO, accountant, stocker, cashier, file clerk and janitor on the same day when running our businesses.

Wearing all those hats is hardly unusual, but at some point you will have to pass some of them onto a trusted employee. Otherwise, you’ll never break out of the working IN your business verses ON your business.

First steps

Even if you think you can’t afford it, find a way to hire someone to do clerical work, run the register, or do the books, so you can focus on broadening your business—instead of scrambling to get more work done in the little time you have. Look for internship programs in your area that can provide you eager and talented employees who want the opportunity to learn and will ease your work crunch.

Once you remove yourself from the less critical tasks, devise a plan that focuses on a few small actions that make you the most money. That way paying your new employees won’t prove difficult. Remember, if you can upgrade your offerings, expand your operations or open an additional location, you haven’t just improved your business, you’ve helped the economy as well, by generating jobs.

It’s important to identify where you get the highest personal return on your investment of time.

Beyond the business

Handing off some of your entrepreneurial hats leaves you with more time to invest in the business AND in yourself. You can maintain your health and sanity—rather than wearing yourself down, trying to do it all.

As the old joke has it, the good news about operating your own business is that you are the boss, and the bad news is, you are the boss.

At some point, being the boss may weigh you down so much you have no time or energy for yourself and you begin to hate your business. If you hate your business, so will your customers. Before that happens, invest in your business by hiring others to do the less important or specialty jobs and focus on the profitable issues that truly matter and offer you balance.

Big box stores will always be there to take your clients, so invest in yourself and your business; your clients will be happy and thankful you did.

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