How to Become an Irreplaceable Administrative Assistant

How to Become an Irreplaceable Administrative Assistant

admin assistantSuccessful businesses require a well-rounded and self-motivated administrative assistant to keep them performing at their best. Behind all their success is a skilled and supportive administrative assistant that tirelessly remains at the forefront of the office needs and continually improves on the office’s “status quo,” quickly making the administrative assistant irreplaceable.

Below we list five different ways an Administrative Assistant can become irreplaceable:

  • Understand the Industry

Take the time to quickly educate yourself and continue educating yourself about the terminology or jargon, trends, and also upcoming or available technology within your industry. Your role is to keep your office on the cutting edge, to create efficiency and cut down on the mundane tasks your co-workers engage in, regularly.

  • Become Technologically Savvy

Almost every Administrative Assistant knows how to use Microsoft Office, but also knowing how to run virtual meetings, online newsletter platforms, and CRM tools will launch you to a new level. Also educating yourself on social media and becoming advanced in Microsoft Office, such as PowerPoint can add value to your position and reduce time needed for your manager to develop presentations.

  • Develop Communication Skills

Understanding what is being asked of you is one thing; understanding how to articulate a presentation for your manager in MS PowerPoint is another. Administrative Assistants are constantly communicating with vendors, customers, and coworkers to deliver results throughout the office. Understanding how to communicate the same message in a wide variety of ways, depending on the listener’s communication style, is an art form that takes time and awareness of others’ needs.

  • Know How to Save Money

Sure, a new system could drastically save the company time, but does the time offset the potential increase in costs for the company in the long run? Understanding how to implement new systems that save time AND money WHILE being able to show that comparison takes the time and pressure off of the manager to try to figure that out themselves. It also gives the Administrative Assistant a platform to stand on and better acceptance of the idea when all areas have been considered.

  • Think Outside the Box

There are things you are  required to do and things that you dream up on a daily basis. Sometimes situations arise that need and require immediate action. Stepping outside the box, while still maintaining your own responsibilities, and problem solving situations without needing to include your manger, can be a plus. Rounding back up with your manager about the situation at a less busy time keeps them in the loop and also showcases your ability to be autonomous.

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