Why Believing In Yourself Is So Important

Why Believing In Yourself Is So Important

Everyone experiences times when work, relationships and typical life can seem daunting and overwhelming, when the thought of just getting up to go to work makes us throw the covers over our heads because it’s such a struggle. It’s these times that pursuing our dreams becomes distant and unreachable.

Like many people reaching for their dreams, there will not only be peaks, but valleys on that journey and days when believing in yourself becomes a challenge and pursuing your goals brings on frustration, anger, sadness or even pain. Not everyone is going to land on the big screen or win a Nobel Prize, but knowing and believing in yourself through these hardships produces the greatest outcome, regardless of the goal.

Reinforcing positive thoughts is key to working through hard times, starting first thing in the morning! Wake up and say, through the pain and frustrations, “I can do it!” Repeat your daily mantra over and over and over until you feel it and grasp it deeply in your core. Over time- this simple practice will take hold and you will create a mental toughness that will repel those who do not believe in you and you will care less and less about whether they do, or not.

Ask yourself if you have the metal toughness to find that strength to keep pursuing your dreams. If not- make that decision now, with a clear mind and on a good day. Developing a positive foundation on a good day is easier than on a tough one and once established, can get you through the more challenging times and help you follow through and create a path to mental strength that can get you through anything!

Here are some steps to consider taking to overcome the less than perfect days and find the strength to believe in yourself:

  • Set Practical Dreams: If you want to be a famous artist, but have never picked up a paintbrush, take some classes to expand your techniques and know that you’re not going to become famous overnight- it takes time to be really good at anything. No matter the pursuit- they all require strength through the tough times to get to the good ones.
  • Maintain Daily Work: All dreams need funding. Keep the job that pays the bills to fund your dreams until your dreams start paying for themselves. If you are considering a career change and the change is feasible, then go for it! But if you are pursuing something that is going to take time before you are an expert in the field or can accept a job in that industry, keep your bill-paying job and find a way to gain the knowledge you need to make the change, around that job.
  • Compromise: Remember that if you are switching careers, chances are you won’t start at the top or with lots of vacation time. Realize that you may have to compromise and put in the work first, in order to finally accomplish your goals.
  • Review Your Goalsthen do it again: Goals are meant to be re-evaluated as you reach them or as times or circumstances change. Flexibility is key because the path to your dreams may not be the road you imagined. It may be better!
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