How to Make the Best After Getting Fired

How to Make the Best After Getting Fired

After you are fired, it might feel like you are swimming in a sea all alone, but that is far from the case. Many well-known celebrities and successful business owners were fired at some point in their lives. They took those lemons and made some lemonade. If you were recently fired, some of the best opportunities now await you without the risk, fear or other obstacles that stood in your way before.

Instead of viewing your recent firing as a downfall or failure, look at it as a way to find a better path and the only means to push you in that direction was to be fired. Changing your perspective will change your overall emotion and energy about the event. This way when you are interviewing, you will be energize and excited instead of sad and frustrated.

Here are a few ways to take your firing in stride:

When Money is an Issue

Money is an issue at any point when you are fired. You can yell obscenities or you can make this a chance to really maintain your dignity. Even with collecting unemployment, getting fired is going to hurt financially. Try negotiating a greater severance package, if available. Gracefully admit defeat and ask if there is anything you can do to make this easier in the long run between jobs.

Allow Yourself Time to Feel

Being fired is one of the greatest stressors in someone’s life. Be kind to yourself during this time and don’t resolve to beat yourself up for everything you did wrong. Instead find something you enjoy doing to relieve the stress in between submitting resumes and attending interviews.

Reinvent Yourself

There is a reason you got fired and maybe it means that you are meant for a different calling. Take the time to really delve into what you enjoy and what you don’t enjoy about the job you used to do. If there was a disconnect and that is the reason for you being fired, remember that doing the same thing will probably result in the same outcome—hence, the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over. Take this time to find what you really enjoy.

While you may desire to become a recluse for some time, remember to find moments of sunshine and accept what was not meant to be. You have the biggest opportunity to make a difference in your life. Take the opportunity by the horns and make yourself happy in your next career choice. Always remember, “This too, shall pass” and your dream job may be right around the corner!

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