How to Control Your NonVerbal Cues to Successfully Land a Job

How to Control Your NonVerbal Cues to Successfully Land a Job

We all know the easy ways to get a person to like us and help build rapport, but how do these techniques translate in an interview? Building rapport is important and while many of the techniques we actively use, there are additional techniques that should be employed as well.

You are probably aware of the following conscious techniques:

  • Smiling
  • Making eye contact
  • Laughing
  • A firm hand shake
  • Active listening and answering questions (engaging in conversation)
  • Watching proximity (closeness to your interviewer)

These nonverbal cues help build rapport on an unconscious level and even affect how people think and feel about us after the interview.

Here are some examples of nonverbal cues that, if paid attention to, can build positive nonverbal rapport:

  • Body posture
  • Nodding your head in acknowledgement
  • Feet placement
  • Mannerisms
  • Facial expressions

The idea to doing this successfully is knowing WHEN to use these nonverbal cues. “Mimicking” can be the key. We have all probably done this as a kid; calling someone out, who was copycatting us. This follows a similar idea but for a positive outcome.

Mimicking facial expressions like smiling, nodding, feet placement, body posture and active listening with the interviewer during an interview, can put them at ease and show them that you are interested.

If done correctly and not over-doing it, this is not something the interviewer will necessarily be consciously aware of when you are doing it. Make these cues easy and relaxed. Continuing this throughout the interview will make you seem more favorable and personable by the end of the interview.

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