Become Irresistible in an Interview and in Your Job with these 5 Habits

Become Irresistible in an Interview and in Your Job with these 5 Habits

Some people just figure that you are either likable or not; it is a natural born trait that you possess or neglect to possess. While this might be true with some people, being likeable is something you can achieve as well. Radiating energy and confidence doesn’t come easy, but you can develop your own self worth with these 5 habits listed below:


Find interest in those around you

Likable and irresistible people find newfound interest in those around them. They are not busy focusing on whether they are liked or what the people are thinking about them, instead they are searching for reasons why the person they are talking to is so passionate about something in their life and strive to learn more about them. Try asking open-ended questions and think about how to keep the conversation engaging.


Be authentic

Come across as genuine. When people don’t have to guess about who you are or what you may be up to, they become more relaxed and open around you because they feel they can trust you.


Be passionate

Find a reason to love life and then fulfill it daily. This will allow you to be more positive and passionate about the life you are living. When you start looking at life joyfully, you begin to lose the feeling of begrudgingly going through the motions. The zest they find is what people gravitate towards.


Find something to really “talk” about

Small talk can be a great lead in to start a conversation, but an entire conversation about small talk does nothing to create a connection or bond with another person. Create depth and connection in your conversations by listening to the people you are talking to and asking good questions to get them to open up about what they’re talking about. This will not only show you genuinely care, but also create the connection that they will remember you by.


Recognize the difference between fact and opinion

Controversial topics can be a quick way to avoid a conversation with someone or shut one down right after it has started. Irresistible people understand that everyone is entitled to an opinion whether it fits their own or not. They share their opinions, not by force, but by simply sharing them in a non-aggressive manner and listening when the other person is talking.


Being irresistible as a person can be harder for some and easier for others. Introverts find it easy to be authentic and genuine in their conversations, while extroverts have an easier time finding something to really talk about. Either way, both introverts and extroverts can be amazing to be around, if they really value the conversation and people around them, authentically.

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