The Passive Job Seeker: Why you should always be looking

The Passive Job Seeker: Why you should always be looking

Your boss is amazing. You love your job. Your coworkers would go to bat for you. The company is totally stable.

Why would you ever consider searching for a new position? We put together a few reasons why you should always consider looking and the best ways to go about it. Passively searching for a job gives you the upper hand when something happens in your life that causes you to search for a new job. Before you get to the point of actively searching for a job, passive searching means creating relationships, knowing what is offered in the job market, and having some ideas of ideal jobs for you and which companies offer them WHILE you still have a job.

Causes of searching for a new job:

  1. Companies change. From one moment to the next, a company can restructure and go through changes that cause layoffs. In the moment of you loving your job, you are left without options or referrals to find the next job you are just as passionate about. Be prepared to find a new job when something happens to go wrong at your current company.
  2. Management changes. You may love the manager or supervisor you are working with, however your manager or supervisor could have had something change in their life where they need to move or search for a new job. Your new boss may not be as wonderful as your previous boss and may leave you also looking for something new.
  3. Life changes. Something may happen that causes you to relocate, request a higher pay that your company cannot pay, or you receive a new degree that allows you to change positions or make more money.

How to passively search for a new job:

  1. Keep Your LinkedIn Up-To-Date. This means actively posting and participating in groups, maintaining your resume on your profile and creating relationships. Continue connecting with people you know and consider writing recommendations for people within your network to continue building a group of people that will help you, if you ever need to search for a job.

  2. Check Job Listings. Know what is happening with your industry and the jobs that are offered in your network. Know the market rate for your position and compare your income to what is offered in other companies.

  3. Post on Social Media. Make sure your network knows you are still active. This doesn’t have to be in reference to job hunting, but can be related to your current job and things you have learned.

With the drop in unemployment rates in the United States, companies are starting to recruit the passive job seeker into their companies. This means interviewing and phone calls are easier to take after hours as companies understand that the current candidates are still holding a job. Continuing to always be aware of jobs available and not actively searching gives you the upper hand if and when you decide to find a new job.

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