Provide Your Own Training for Workforce Skills to get Better Talent

Provide Your Own Training for Workforce Skills to get Better Talent

Today 85% of HR decision-makers agree that companies are acquiring talent faster than the higher education institutions are producing it. Even the large corporations that typically train top talent are lacking in their development and training programs to prepare the workforce for the new demands of skills. With technology quickly escalating and top talent not being able to gain the training needed to be relevant at the time of hire, there is a gap between needs and the reality of talent in the marketplace.

This leaves us in a highly competitive and dog-eat-dog hiring process. You want to gain the top talent, but what if you can create your own top talent? Here is what we are referring to.

A company can realistically create a training and onboarding program with the help of online resources to build the top talent they need. Hiring a qualified recent college grad and then empowering them to succeed with an internal training program means that talent will be a long term asset for the company. The skills you teach this new hire can be developed specifically for their job description and your company to help them achieve the success you need for them to be efficient at their job. Online training programs are time consuming to create, but consider searching for resources in the areas you will need to take their training to the next level. For example, there are many online training courses available through platforms like Lynda and Udemy. You can identify areas that you want your new hire to learn and assign them to take these courses.

Another way to train and onboard employees is through a mentor system. Mentors are great at guiding new hires and walking them through what the norms are in their area of expertise. Mentors can be heavily involved at the beginning and slowly transition to a more check-in means of working together. This is a great way to add accountability and create a bond between a current employee and new employee, which aids in retention and company culture.

One last way to train your top talent is through continued education. Allowing them to continue receiving certifications and training at colleges or online studies is a great way to help them learn the key skills you need them to know to be successful.


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At River City Staffing, we take pride in matching a candidate to the company to ensure success and longevity. Knowing the training processes and growth mentorships you offer within your company help when aligning the future goals of a candidate to the culture of your company. We work directly with you to place the best candidates into your company without taking away from your team’s valuable time.

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