Job Searches in 2020: What’s Changed?

Job Searches in 2020: What’s Changed?

Job searches used to consist of finding a job on one of the major job search engines and applying for the job by sending in your resume. While many people still apply for jobs that way, they are failing to be noticed. So how do you get noticed in a job market that has many similar applicants? It is all in the search. Follow our lead as we walk you through 6-steps to be more successful in your job search strategy to getting noticed.

1. Identify Your Dream Job

Have you thought about what details, desires, wants and culture you want in your job? No? Chances are, your fellow applicants have not either. This means that many of the applicants are mass applying without really paying attention to the job other than the pay. Knowing what you want out of your next job will allow you to become individualized and stand out with a company that matches your similar wants and needs.


2. Search for “YOU” Focused Jobs

When you are searching on major job search engines, instead of paying attention to the pay only, begin searching using terms that match your details, desires, wants and culture in your next job. Applying for jobs that match this criteria means that your resume will also reflect these desires and you will stand out because you have ALIGNED yourself with the company.


3. Target Your Resume

Resume – CHECK! Cover letter – CHECK! Mass apply – You’re missing the mark. Take the time to customize your cover letter and resume to match the key details, desire, wants and culture you identified in your dream job. If you are only applying for positions that meet those requirements with a resume to match their company, you will stand out.


4. Update Your Online Presence

Hopefully your personal social media accounts are appropriate and have a professional looking cover picture. Companies will search social media to put a face to a name before bringing you in for an interview.


5. Networking with Professionals

Using your network is appropriate, but make sure you are networking with people working in the industry or with industry partnerships in the field you want. When they send over your resume as a referral, it will be more meaningful and make sense as to why they are referring you.


6. Work with a Staffing Firm

With so many ways to stand out to a company, using a staffing firm means you will be prepped to understanding more about the company and the company will already know the best about you, before you even get to the interview. This will help determine whether the position is a match on both sides. Working with a staffing firm can also give you exposure to a myriad of different companies, in different industries on a temporary, temp to hire or direct hire status.


Overall, the more tailored you are to what a company is looking for, the more you will stand out in the stack of resumes they are receiving. Do your homework and put in a bit of extra work. You will find both will pay off in the end.

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