Should I hire during COVID-19?

Should I hire during COVID-19?

Hiring now during COVID-19 may seem like a terrible decision. Still, many companies are moving in this direction for various purposes and are not wrong in their thinking. COVID-19 furloughed many talented employees and cost the jobs of many others.


Here is why companies are choosing to hire now versus waiting until after the pandemic:

1. Faster hiring. Hiring is faster now with more qualified applicants and less time needed to make a decision. With more qualified applicants, choosing someone for a position is faster.


2. Skilled talent is easier to find. With talented professionals in the new unemployment pool, finding the right talent is easier to find than before when unemployment was 3%. These skilled professionals want to continue their career as fast as possible. They are applying immediately, especially if they were furloughed or laid off. Now you don’t have to look for passive job seekers, which saves you time and money.

3. Out hire your competition. With companies waiting until after COVID-19, you can get ahead of your competition by hiring top talent on the market now.

4. Be prepared for the future. Pivoting and changing your company to be more efficient may mean hiring more people to compensate for the added work. Being prepared now to ramp up in the future is also helpful. River City Staffing offers a service called Strategic Staffing to address this without putting additional stressors on your company or financial budget.

5. More time to onboard. With onboarding being one of the most important steps for new employees, the onset of COVID-19 has allowed many companies to focus on doing this the right way.


If you are looking to hire strategically without an added strain on your company budget, connect with River City Staffing. Our team developed a strategy to hire and onboard new hires without the added cost of things like healthcare, insurance, etc. during COVID-19.

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