What is required to be on my resume?

What is required to be on my resume?

When designing your resume, people usually have a generic or template resume to start. Once you identify the job you want, you build off that template resume to fit the specific position you are applying for. In this article, we will address what requirements should be on your template resume and how to adjust particular areas to fit your application.

What is required to be on my resume?

When building your template resume, you want to include all these areas:

  • Contact Information
    • Your contact information should be placed at the top of your resume and include your name, email address, and phone number. If you don’t want to add your address, then you might want to include the city and state you would like to work in. If you have a website for your online portfolio, where applicable, include that here as well. Graphic designers, coders, and photography professionals will sometimes use this feature on their resume.
  • Objective Statement
    • Use a placeholder for this section. You will find that this statement will change for each job you are applying for.
  • Summary or Profile Statement
    • Write a generic description highlighting your qualifications. You will want to keep this section about three sentences long and edit it as you see fit for each job. A summary will give the hiring manager an understanding of your work experience, achievements, and skills related to their job posting.
  • Skills List
    • Break out the specific keyword skills from your work history that are your strengths or that you want to employ in your next role. This not only highlights what you want the hiring director to see but works with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), when you post it on the internet or job platform.
  • Employment History
    • The most widely used organization structure for your employment history is to use a chronological format. Starting with your most recent job and going back about 10-years makes the most sense. You will want to include the title, start and end dates, company, location is optional, and a summary of your responsibilities and accomplishments. Know that your achievements can change as they relate to the job posting.
  • Education
    • Include your educational accomplishments, including the most recent and highest degree or certifications you have received. Dates are not critical.
  • Other Information
    • Other information can also change as you see fit for the organization and job you are applying for. These accomplishments can include memberships to organizations, certifications, awards, hobbies, volunteer work, computer skills, and more.


How do I tailor each section for the job I am applying for? 

Start by paying attention to the job description you are applying for. You usually will see responsibilities, duties, and requirements in the job description posting. These areas give you insight into what the recruiter or human resources director is looking for in a candidate. They will first search to see if the requirements are on your resume before moving forward. Make sure to put these on your resume in an accessible and readable format.

Next, you will want to pay attention to the responsibilities and duties. These areas give you critical details about what you need to represent in the objective statement, summary statement, and employment history areas of your resume. You will need to show tangible evidence that you can meet these needs outside of simply stating abstract facts. That means turning a sentence such as, “Great at managing a team,” into a statement such as “Successfully managed a team of five employees to exceed sales goals by 110% each quarter.” That is tangible evidence that shows you are great at managing a team instead of just telling them.

Lastly, consider writing a brief cover letter to state further your desire to apply to the position. Many applicants are too busy applying for too many jobs to take the time to write a good cover letter, so beat your competition this way, as well.

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