Take Advantage of the Booming Job Market

Take Advantage of the Booming Job Market

Companies need you NOW. 

It is an unprecedented time for America’s job market. By the end of March 2021, job openings surpassed the 8 million mark for the first time ever. The obvious reasons for the significant increase in jobs is clear: vaccination rates are going up and COVID cases are going down. Companies that struggled to survive through the pandemic, including restaurants, hotels, and the entertainment industry, are beginning to open their doors to eager Americans wanting to get back to living their lives. Many business owners are short-staffed and need to hire more workers to meet growing demands. Some businesses are even offering incentives, such as increased pay and benefits, to attract job applicants. Yet, California still has an 8.3 percent unemployment rate, the second highest in the nation. Even with a thriving job market and millions unemployed across the country, businesses still can’t find enough people to fill their open positions. 

This could be the start of your (new) career.

It’s quite possible the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns had you thinking about your future. Whether employed or not, many of us have had ample time at home contemplating our next career move. Here’s the great news! There is no better time than now to break into a new job or industry. Maybe you lost your job due to COVID cutbacks, or quit to care for your children or elderly parents. Perhaps you left your job out of fear of being infected at work, or you’re one of the many who made more money on employment than at your job. Whatever the reason, there are more opportunities than ever before to try something new and grow your career. Businesses are scrambling to find candidates and are more motivated to train someone new to the industry than hold on to vacant positions – but this won’t last long! Soon companies will be back in full swing, and you may have missed your chance. 

It’s time to apply. 

Why now? Why look for a job when you make comparable money on unemployment? Why put the effort in when you can just wait and hope for another stimulus check? The reality is, these extra benefits won’t last forever. If you wait too long, the checks will stop coming in, the job market will tighten up, and you’ll be left struggling to find something (anything) to make ends meet. So, start your research. Learn what sectors are doing the most hiring. Begin to evaluate how your skillset and experience can be marketed to fit those opportunities. Maybe you’re transitioning from a restaurant to a law firm. Think about how your job in the service industry transfers over to the office. For example, highlight your organizational and interpersonal skills. Show distinct ways in which you exemplified strong leadership or conflict resolution. When filling out your application or crafting your resume, be sure to tailor each specific to the position you’re applying for. Get creative! 

If you’re not quite ready to take that next step due to responsibilities at home or uncertainty of your career path, take some time to reflect on your goals. Where do you see yourself in the next year or five? Soak up the free tools and training online to learn about different career possibilities, dabble in something new, or advance your current skill set. Lastly, keep networking. There’s no better way to gain insight, get career advice, and increase your access to opportunities than networking. 

Let River City Staffing help you get started on your journey. With a wide range of positions available, from entry-level to senior executive, we will focus on you and your needs to find you the perfect job. 


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