Why In-Person Jobs Shouldn’t be a Dealbreaker

Why In-Person Jobs Shouldn’t be a Dealbreaker

If you’re like many job seekers, you might be feeling torn between applying for remote versus in-person positions. If you were to lay out a pros and cons list, you might come up pretty even. 

A recent study shows that 21% of employees would prefer working remotely full-time, 68% prefer a hybrid environment, and only 11% want to be entirely in-person. Much of this data depends on personality and preference. For example, you may have a friend who thrives on being with people and would rather work at a noisy coffee shop instead of being isolated at home. On the other hand, you might do your best work in the quiet of your home office, with the freedom and flexibility to pick your kids up from school.

Regardless, many employers are beginning to develop new workforce processes for a post-pandemic world, and many are eager to make a return to the office. Employers want to consider their employees’ desires, but they also recognize the advantages and benefits of on-site work.

As you determine the criteria for your job search, here are a few reasons why in-person jobs might be the right match for you:

You Can Avoid the Challenges of Remote Onboarding

Talk to anyone who started a new job while the company was remote, and they’ll likely tell you they felt lost and alone at times. Most new remote employees flounder for a while and are unsure of what or how they are doing. This discomfort can lead to insecurity and dissatisfaction in any job. Learning a new position, at a new place, with new people is stressful in itself. The inability to see co-workers and managers face-to-face to ask questions and get guidance when you need it makes it even more challenging. 

You Can Master Your Learning Curve Faster

When you spend time in the office, your team is there when you’re stuck or need help. You can receive instantaneous solutions and immediate feedback. Let’s face it, no email or phone call beats walking over to someone’s desk and having them show you how to do a task. Just by being in the office, you’ll pick up incidental information from overhearing a conversation dealing with what you’re working on, or you may have an impromptu discussion that is more helpful than anything you learned during onboarding. 

You Can Immerse Yourself in the Culture while Building Personal Connections

Interacting in the office is a guaranteed way to deepen your connections with co-workers. You’ll more readily receive mentorship and have greater access to colleagues you wouldn’t have while working from home. Being in the office makes you feel like you’re part of a team. It gives you space to be creative, strategic and collaborate on a more personal level. You’ll also quickly become more visible to others throughout the organization, and they’ll become more aware of what you bring to the table. By integrating into the company culture, you can accelerate your career and personal development. 


Think about these things as you consider your next career move. Make your pros and cons list, and imagine where you want to see yourself in six months or one year after being hired. Will working remotely or working from home get you there faster? Only you know the answer to that. 

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