Avoid These Two Resume Words

As a staffing agency, we read through over 100+ resumes each week for candidates. While reading resumes are one of our main jobs, many other companies are not so lucky. These employees wear multiple hats, such as Human Resources, assistants, and directors, while also acting as hiring managers.  To maximize the time they spend with […]

Ways To Destress and Work Less During the Week

According to a study done by Stanford, productivity per hour drops off so much when a work week exceeds 50 hours that there’s no point in working past that threshold. Employees should use their weekend to help create a better work week ahead, which will help destress and relax during the week. There are several […]

How to Hire the Right Candidate Quickly in a Tight Market

In a tight job market, hiring the right employees is even more difficult than in past years. Candidates are seemingly looking for significant raises, getting multiple job offers, and looking to move forward at a rate that may be faster than you planned. On top of having fewer and fewer candidates to choose from, companies […]

Preparing for Tough Interview Questions

With candidates interviewing daily with potential new employers, our job is to relieve much of the stress associated with daunting and unpredictable interview questions, to help you put your best foot forward. We have all heard horror stories of the “How many pingpong balls fit inside a bus?” and other questions asked during an interview, […]

Negative Body Language to Avoid in an Interview

Body language can communicate so much about us without even being consciously aware of it. Our ability to pick up and interpret even the smallest gestures is what makes nonverbal communication so amazing. This ability becomes a science during the interview process as the interviewer is constantly watching for nonverbal cues and body language to […]

Tools for Today’s Professional

Throughout history, people have always needed specific tools to get a job done. With today’s technology, there is such an enormous advantage that we would not even think of competing in business without them. The better the tools, the better the competitive advantage that can give a company an innovative leap ahead of the competition. […]