5 Hiring Strategies for a Competitive Job Market

Hiring in a competitive job market can be challenging. With more people searching for fewer jobs, businesses must stand out to attract the best candidates and fill positions with qualified professionals. Fortunately, there are several strategies that employers can use to set themselves apart from the competition. 1. Offer competitive compensation packages In a competitive […]

How to Not Hire the Wrong Person

How do you know if your next hire has these values from a one-hour interview?  Retention, efficiency, motivation, teamwork, and a well-rounded employee–all the values we want in the next hire.   The key is to use successful interviewing tactics to avoid hiring the wrong person.   Start by identifying which factors, responsibilities, or credentials […]

How to Hire Someone with “No Industry Experience”

Hiring someone with no industry experience can be scary. First, they have no way of measuring their success in your industry. Second, they need additional training to be successful in your industry. The additional training can be everything from learning additional jargon to knowing competitors and key networking connections to be successful. But, this requires […]

How to Hire the Right Candidate Quickly in a Tight Market

In a tight job market, hiring the right employees is even more difficult than in past years. Candidates are seemingly looking for significant raises, getting multiple job offers, and looking to move forward at a rate that may be faster than you planned. On top of having fewer and fewer candidates to choose from, companies […]

Picking the Best Candidate

By the time you are interviewing applicants, you have shortened your applicant pool down to the people that look the most qualified. Now that you have created a smaller pool of very talented individuals, you are simply looking for the one that is the best fit, but how do you know? The idea that only […]

2015 Employee Outlook

    More than one third of employers expect to add full-time, permanent employees in 2015, the best outlook from Career Builders survey since 2006. Salary increases – including raises for minimum wage workers – are also on the agenda of hiring managers. The U.S. job market is turning a corner as caution gives way […]