Why In-Person Jobs Shouldn’t be a Dealbreaker

If you’re like many job seekers, you might be feeling torn between applying for remote versus in-person positions. If you were to lay out a pros and cons list, you might come up pretty even.  A recent study shows that 21% of employees would prefer working remotely full-time, 68% prefer a hybrid environment, and only […]

How to Successfully Search for Jobs

Are you ready to begin your job hunt successfully? Many job seekers do not know these simple and easy tips for a successful job search. 1. Apply for jobs, even if you don’t have all of the qualifications Having the majority of the qualifications is key, but having them all may mean you are overqualified. […]

Winning Strategies for Your Next Video Interview

According to Forbes, remote interviews and conferences are increasing in popularity. Since more and more Americans in the work force are choosing to work from home.  While many interviews “do’s and don’t” still apply in a video interview, the remote aspect adds more of a complexity than just powering up your laptop. Your chances of […]