What we learned from Next Economy

Next Economy is a local nonprofit that focuses on increasing and enhancing the region’s five-year jobs plan. Although the entirety of Next Economy’s vision has been described as too vast and overambitious, the initial findings and implementation of its ideas really created the groundwork for many projects to begin flourishing. Farm-to-fork, career technical education programs […]

Picking the Best Candidate

By the time you are interviewing applicants, you have shortened your applicant pool down to the people that look the most qualified. Now that you have created a smaller pool of very talented individuals, you are simply looking for the one that is the best fit, but how do you know? The idea that only […]

Selling in the Business Industry

  More than ever, employee’s are selling products and services in business industry. In life, we’re constantly selling our ideas, our plans and more. Being able to influence others is a crucial part of the selling process.The best salespeople seem to practice a set of common habits. Here are a few habits of highly successful […]

Webinar’s for Small Businesses

Webinar Spotlights Home Office Deduction WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service will hold a free webinar this week designed to help individuals, especially owners of home-based businesses, see if they qualify for the home office deduction. The webinar, entitled Business Use of Your Home, will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 10 from 2 p.m. to […]