How to Be an Amazing Employee: Daily Practices to Make Yourself Stand Out

How to Be an Amazing Employee: Daily Practices to Make Yourself Stand Out

Being a good employee is about more than just a paycheck.  It’s about personal and career growth as well.  It’s about doing everything you can to bring value to your company, and ending your weeks with confidence that you did your best.  But how can you make yourself a stand out employee and give yourself the best possibility of upward movement and career success?  Here are five daily practices that will help you to be an amazing employee:

  1.  Educate yourself.  Learn about all aspects of the business you are in.  Attend seminars and read books about everything from finance to field operations, and never stop.  The more you know about your industry, the more you will be able to positively impact your company.  Use your knowledge to explore options, take action and improve in your job.
  2. Grow.  Look for ways to grow your own career and the company you work for.  If you don’t know, ask your employer how to identify opportunities for company growth and actively seek these opportunities.  If you work in sales, for example, search for new clients and new markets.  Find ways to expand. Always keep the long term goals and future of the company in mind.  Think of ways to improve systems and streamline processes.  Even if you present an improvement idea or new opportunity to your employer and it gets shot down, the effort that you put in to fostering growth will not go unnoticed.
  3. Motivate.  Help motivate fellow employees to grow as well.  Create goals and lead by example.  Use positive energy and communication to create an open environment with minimal stress.  Encourage others to dream and create their own goals to work toward.
  4. Communicate.  Communicate openly about things, both positive and negative.  If you see something great, make sure you communicate your feelings about it.  Let others know that you appreciate the energy they put into something.  Thank them, acknowledge them, and smile at them.  On the opposite side, don’t hide bad news.  It’s easier to openly communicate bad news to your employer and/or coworkers (when appropriate) right away than to wait until the problem grows.  If you are anxious about a reaction, quickly brainstorm some ways to fix or better the problem so that when you present the issue, you can show that you have thought through some possible solutions as well.  If the problem is urgent, never wait to break the news.  It will always be uncomfortable to be the bearer of bad news, but hiding it will not help anyone.
  5. Always do your best.  Pay constant attention to details, and always give your tasks 100% of your effort.  Maintain focus when you are working on important tasks, and ask for help when you need it.  Do your job to the highest of standards, as if you were doing it for your own company.  Under promise and over deliver, and always make your deadlines.

By incorporating these practices into your daily life, you can set yourself apart in the crowd.  You’re already an employee; why not be an amazing one?

What else do you feel someone could do to be an amazing employee? How do you be an amazing employee? Consider leaving us a comment.


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