River City Staffing Candidates Testimonials

When life gives you lemons … you have to make lemonade. Our nation’s economic employment marketplace has been a rollercoaster at best over the past 20 years. Temporary staffing has become a paradigm in today’s market strategy. I have worked for several staffing agencies in the Sacramento area. As a Veteran who later completed my bachelor’s degree, I still have goals I wish to accomplish for myself and my family. I can honestly say that the River City Staffing, from the owner to the administrators and managers, is the most: caring, honest and professional group I have ever had the pleasure of representing. When needed, they have always helped me to make that lemonade. I am always treated as a business professional rather than a number. They have my highest recommendation and respect. I have worked with River City for at least 15 years.

I was offered a position permanently and I have accepted it, so this will be my last time card submitted with River City Staffing. Thank you for all your help, working with RCS has been a pleasure.

I wanted to take a moment to thank River City for all of their help, direction and support in helping me obtain the customer service manager position recently. The overall process with getting the position was much longer than anticipated and at times I wanted to give up and move on. River City did a great job of reassuring me I was a solid candidate, provided coaching on how to handle myself each step of the way and gave me the positive reinforcement I needed to keep going. I appreciate River City Staffing for helping me obtain a position with a company I am very excited to work for, and where I feel I can make a difference. I’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime with a great company, and I have River City to thank for that! I know a lot of people looking for jobs and career changes, so I will advocate every chance I get!

I have been affiliated with River City Staffing for at least four years, and in that time they have always overwhelmed me with awesome employment assignments that have advanced my administrative and executive career. Out of all of the temporary staffing agencies that I have signed with, River City Staffing was the only agency that would definitely push forward my resume to clients that they knew would be interested in my resume. For instance, River City Staffing recruiters found a temp to hire assignment for me in Sacramento, California, and in that short time the client had enjoyed my job performance and hired me on full time five months later. I would recommend River City Staffing to anyone who has not received notifications back from their staffing agency, because they will go the extra mile in pushing for you to get that job assignment that would cultivate your career search.