Quality Candidate Vs. Qualified Candidate: Can You Have Both?

Quality Candidate Vs. Qualified Candidate: Can You Have Both?

candidates qualified staffingWe’ve all used the clichés…

Life is a mirror.

You get what you give.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. 

Phrases like these are commonly known because they are the reality that many people may find difficult to emulate. When looking for the right candidate, how can you tell if they live by these words? Can you find a candidate that can have both the brains and the brawn?

Success can be subjective, but when it comes to finding a candidate that can achieve the objectives you need accomplished, here are some top-notch quality characteristics to look for:

Successful people:

  • Have a sense of gratitude.

A grateful candidate may reference a person in their life that helped them along the way to get them to where they are today, such as a significant mentor, teacher, or family member that taught them important life lessons and work ethics. Giving credit where credit is due signals that the candidate can be a team player.

  • Communicate openly.

The ability to communicate, whether written or verbal, can mean the beginning or the end of a potential business deal. An important role in communication is sharing data. Sharing information, not hoarding it, is also key in a team environment to ensure the success of everyone involved.

  • Exude joy.

Sure, we all have bad days, but how a person handles those bad days can affect the mood of the entire office (or worse, clients!). A person that can positively grow and learn from an unexpected hiccup on their road to success will be a stronger candidate to handle the ever-changing world of business. There is always a silver lining…

  • Give and Get Respect.

Respect for themselves and for others signals a compassionate candidate. They demonstrate respect towards others by not gossiping and including their coworkers in conversations. Respectful people will find ways to help people and show appreciation. Who doesn’t like a pat on the back for a job well done?

  • Show Class.

A candidate with class leaves an unforgettable impression on others. This person will have integrity in what they say and do and have self-confidence without being arrogant. A person with class is trustworthy because they genuinely want others to succeed as they succeed. This candidate will accept responsibility, whether good or bad, and never stoop to the level of their adversaries.

  • Embrace change.

The old adage, “The two things in life you can always count on are death and taxes,” needs an addition, change. The business world changes rapidly, and your candidate will need to change with it. Are they a motivated learner? Do they seek challenges to continuously improve upon themselves? Have they set goals for themselves? These qualities are important skills that can be beneficial for everyone.

Success can be defined in a variety of ways, but when it comes to business, the bottom line is that each candidate’s definition of success should be equal to your idea of success. Successful candidates will attract good business and help move you and your company towards a successful future. Remember the phrase, “It’s not your aptitude, but your attitude, that will determine your altitude in life.” A top-notch candidate will have the qualifying aptitude, but it’s the quality in their attitude that will set them apart from the rest.

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