Seven Habits of Successful Salespeople

Seven Habits of Successful Salespeople

Everyone wants to get their ideas out there and accepted by the masses. We are constantly selling the ideas we dream up. Being able to influence the thought processes of those around us is a key part of selling and those who do these seven steps well, sell better than most. These successful salespeople seem to practice these seven common habits:

1.     They stand up when others sit down

When times get tough, unsuccessful people want to hold on tight to what they have. Unfortunately, life does not reward those who always “play it safe” and are afraid to take risks. Life rewards those who have a sense of urgency. If there is no risk, there will be little to no reward.

2.     They network at every turn

The most successful salespeople are not the “hard sellers.” Instead, these people learn to build and foster mutually beneficial relationships. They act as relationship farmers, nurturing, caring, and growing their “crop” to have a strong harvest in the future.

3.     They thoroughly research each prospect

Social media is a brilliant tool for research. Anyone can view a LinkedIn profile to find out the basics about a person i.e. previous employers and schools attended. From there they move to Facebook and browse the “likes”, amount of children, whether or not the prospect has children, and other unique interesting information about their lives. They then move to Twitter to track their tweets, re-tweets, and those they follow. There are volumes of information contained in each person’s social media pages.

4.     They make personal connections

The connections they make with people are calculated and precise. They do not post needlessly on social media; instead they use social media to connect with people in a meaningful way. Prospects see them as an ally, rather than someone who just wants to make a quick sale.

5.     They are extremely resilient

Successful salespeople know that they are going to get knocked down every now and then. But they know they can get right back up, dust themselves off, and get back in the game. They make themselves better by learning from their mistakes and not repeating those same errors.

6.     They try and try again

They never settle for the “at least I tried” mentality. Successful salespeople continue working until they get results. The “old college try” is not valid. Successful salespeople know that they don’t get paid for trying; they get paid for delivering.

7.     They embrace technology

Technology is integrated into everything that everyone does; it is no longer just a department in a business. Successful salespeople don’t bury themselves in technology, they know how to use it to be more productive and help others. Using video tools like Google+ Hangouts and Skype to connect with more people is encouraged. It’s not about the e-commerce (electronics), the world has been, and always will be about the r-commerce (relationships).

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