Winning Strategies for Your Next Video Interview

Winning Strategies for Your Next Video Interview

video-confrenceAccording to Forbes, remote interviews and conferences are increasing in popularity.

Since more and more Americans in the work force are choosing to work from home.  While many interviews “do’s and don’t” still apply in a video interview, the remote aspect adds more of a complexity than just powering up your laptop. Your chances of using a video conference to interview for a position are growing.

Room Staging

You want to make sure you are in a professional looking location. If your office is set up in your home, you do not want to show personal items in the background, such as your bed or clothing for example. Before you take the call, make sure to find a spot in your house where you have a desk, chair and plain backdrop. If you do not have a desk look for a location that could appear as one such as a kitchen or side table.

Dress Up

Dress the same way you would if you were going into an important meeting or interview in person. In the off chance that you have to stand up, reposition yourself, or step away for a moment you do not want anyone to you not fully dressed. That would portray you as a lazy person that makes poor decisions. Dressing appropriately can also help you maintain the mindset you need to stay focused, have a good attitude and present yourself as a true professional. Once you obtain the at home position you are seeking then you can wear the casual clothes that make this position desirable.

Technical Difficulties

Prepare to have a smooth interview ahead of time by making sure your internet is secure. Check to make sure that you will have a good connection where your laptop is located. You will also want to make sure that your surrounding area is not noisy. If technical difficulties do arise, make sure you make the interviewer aware and suggest calling back or reconnecting. You would not want to misinterpret any information due to a bad connection.

Face Forward

When participating in a video interview make sure you are facing the camera and not just the computer screen. You want to appear as if you are making eye contact even though that is not truly possible. The fact that you are alert, engaged and facing your interviewer head on with a smile will let them know you are serious about this position.


One of the best things about online interviews are they are not in person so you can keep notes. Keep notes to remind yourself about information you would like to ask about the company or position. You can also keep reminders of important information you would like to share about yourself, such as any special trainings you have had or awards you have been awarded for a job well done or going above and beyond. Make sure not to read from the notes, however to just glance at the information to remind yourself because you do not want to sound like you are reading from a script.

Keep your head up and smile, have a good attitude and remember to dress the part as if you were in person. Follow these tips to win over your recruiter, interviewer or business professional, even when you are miles apart.


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