New Year, Big Ideas

big ideas 2015


You have probably already got a long to-do list for the new year. We have several ideas to cut it down or at least pick three things you’re going to do today.

Every entrepreneur has their own system for getting things done. Here are a few entrepreneur tricks and daily practices to either add to your list this year, keep doing or at least help you get through it.

Establish a morning routine

Research suggests that we’re at our best early in the day. When we are less distracted we are able to set the tone for the workday. Get up and get ready with your morning routine to have a productive day.

Track your time

Time tracking isn’t just for invoicing. As with money, you need to know how you spend your time after all you can’t get a refund on time. In order to spend it more effectively keep track of just how much time you’re spending on things such as Facebook and surfing the internet.

Tame your inbox

It’s a testament to how much our working lives have become inundated with email that the quest for an empty inbox has become a must for some. It’s easier said than done, but there are e-mail apps that are built around the philosophy and can help you power through a cluttered account and avoid bad habits, like using your email as a to do list.

Keep a journal

When faced with a decision, write down what you decided and why. This helps you stay on track and focused in your thoughts about the choices you are in need of making.

These journals should be reviewed on a regular basis—every few months or so. The review is an important part of the process. This is where you can get better at realizing where you make mistakes, how you make them, what types of decisions you are bad at. If you share your journal with someone, they can review it with you and help identify areas for improvement.

Get a streak going

You don’t need to wait for the ideal conditions to make a dent in an important project, get a streak going now.

Sleep more. Exercise regularly. Eat well.


The mind is a part of the body. Don’t forget to care for the whole YOU in 2015.

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