What to buy your Administrative Assistant?

What to buy your Administrative Assistant?

l_Fruit_Festival_Base_red_E112_wOn average, bosses spend between $20-$50 on their Administrative Assistants to celebrate Administrative Professional’s Day. While many assistants have mixed feelings on flowers, most bosses see it as a necessity to show the office they remembered! Flowers increase morale and happiness in general. No one can really frown over a bouquet of flowers, but there are other better options available in addition to or instead of flowers.

The Alternative to Flowers

Consider an alternative bouquet of flowers such as Edible Arrangements. This is much more appropriate for a male assistant, however also provides the opportunity for the administrative assistant to share their bouquet with the office. The main complaints of a bouquet of flowers (scent, dying, mess, etc) is easily taken care of with this solution of Edible Arrangements as well.

Go a Step Further

While flowers or an alternative bouquet is a great way to show appreciation, we suggest you take it a step further. Taking your administrative assistant to lunch is a positive plus, but a gift is really what they are seeking at this point. Take yourself away from cliche office gifts like a coffee mug or paperweight and find something that will really matter!

Ways to Show Appreciation

  1. Sign them up for a professional seminar/ luncheon to improve their skills/expand their knowledge.
  2. Sign them up for a motivational luncheon that pumps them up to continue to do a great job.
  3. Invite them to a networking event that establishes them as a valued support to your company.
  4. A business-related gift is always appreciated. (Business card holder. Business cards. Desk set. Portfolio. Remote Headset.)
  5. Make a big deal about them in the office. Decorate their work station, send a complimentary email to the entire staff about your Administrative Teams, highlighting their successes.
  6. A simple “Thank You” or “Job, well done” goes a long way.

Think Outside the Box

An administrative assistant pointed out that she really enjoyed receiving a digital picture frame or a box for her photos. It was a great way for her to look at her motivation to do the best job she could each day. This got us thinking. Simple gifts that fit your administrative assistant’s personality such as, a bonus, gift cards, or even specialized gift could be the gift that keeps on giving. Each time the assistant looked at her pictures, she was reminded who gave her the frames and it meant so much more.

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