Our Pursuit for Excellence

As business owners, employees, and even as we delve into our favorite hobbies, we all want excellence in our lives. We find ourselves talking about it, thinking about it, and even yearning for it without really identifying what “it” really is. When you think about excellence, you have a feeling. Whether excited or fulfilled, you know the feeling of excellence, but when we try to define it into a tangible thing, many of us get confused, frustrated, or simply do not know where to start.

Identifying your goal of excellence is key to being able to attain it.

Below we give you three ways to identify and create excellence in your life, to recognize and maintain that tangible state of mind.

  • Focus away from perfection.

While many of us describe excellence as desiring perfection, we can have many missed opportunities when perfection is all we desire. Perfectionists can be critical, stressed, and while achieving their next step, are rarely able to enjoy where they are at because they are focusing on the imperfections that happened to achieve the goal rather than fact the goal itself was achieved. Instead, strive for the highest standards. Recognize that the goal is the ultimate point for excellence, but that achieving that goal might come with some imperfections along the way.

  • Focus on the end result.

If you find yourself getting away from the feeling of accomplishing the goal and identifying with your excellence, then take a step back and reevaluate your goal itself. Revert back to your original goal and set clear cut steps to achieve it or reevaluate whether this goal is attainable with the resources you have at hand. Sometimes attaining excellence does not have to be accomplished alone. Remember to delegate and turn to your peers to discover the missing links in the chain that might have you stressed out.

  • Practice excellence to create excellence.

If you practice mistakes each day, then you’re only going to create more mistakes in your life. Focus on a different way to practice. Find one thing you are really good at that leads you to excellence and practice that perfection each and every day. So try to practice as perfectly as you can along each step of the way.

Perfectionist tendencies can really hinder finding your excellence, but you do not have to completely change yourself to capture excellence. Remember the strengths in your personality and capitalize off those strengths to develop your own concept of excellence. Whether with a goal or a destination, practice your excellence each and every day.

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