Using LinkedIn to Generate Sales

Using LinkedIn to Generate Sales

Have you ever sat there and wondered why you are on LinkedIn? Everyone told you it was required and that you have to or you wanted to connect with co-workers or potential clients, but you have never really used it past a social media tool. LinkedIn-for-Sales

Below are some tips to help you work successfully with LinkedIn:

  1. Categorize your connections

Chances are you have hundreds of connections and have no clue how they are sorted beyond the normal LinkedIn suggestions and last/first name categorizations. Our first recommendation would be to consider your target market. If you are wanting to reach dentists in Placer County, then create a tab that says “Dentists: Placer County” and start tagging connections that fit this target market. This will help you keep contacts straight and determine how and why you are contacting them.

  1. Create many tags

It’s likely that you have more than one target audience that you want to sell different services. In LinkedIn, you can create over 200 tags to categorize your contacts. Our suggestion is to add at least one tag that has “friendly connection.” This is a good tag for contacts you may never do business with, or are connected with just because you went to school with them or co-workers. This keeps you from having to sift through all your connections each time you want to find potential clients.

  1. Deliver relevant information

Find something that your potential tagged clients would like, want, need, or enjoy reading. Put that information on your website or post it in LinkedIn where they can read it. Make sure your post is relevant to JUST that target market.

  1. Start the dialogue

Be friendly in your communication. Mention something about their interests, jobs or anything personal you find on their profile that looks interesting. Then, in the body of the message, mention something about posting an article on LinkedIn titled “How to Save for Placer County Dentists.” Send it to everyone in your dentists tag, again remembering to personalized it to them.

  1. Create a call to action and SEND

Find a way to get them to respond, whether commenting on the article or responding to similar interests you may share. Then-don’t forget about them. ALWAYS FOLLOW UP! Touch bases in a couple weeks with a new article or ask them what they thought about the previous posting.

Adding a few tweaks can make a huge difference to your marketing strategy in LinkedIn. Let us know if you have any other tips that you have found successful and we will share those, as well.

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