The Gift of a Thank You

The cherished tradition of a hand written Thank You note has long been forgotten in the world of emails, texts, and emoticons. Today, an email or text, which can typically be read in thank-you-featured-imageless than a minute, are the ways many people communicate a thank you. Whether you are sending thanks for an interview, gift or even a kind deed, take a moment to consider the best way to make the biggest impact.

As with many employers, we are accustomed to receiving the typical “Thank You” email after the interview, for our time. While we believe this is a nice gesture and appreciate the thought, as an applicant, we invite you to stand out! Have a thank you note ready after the interview and drop it in the mail. A card or tangible Thank You shows you went out of your way to say something. You took the time to find the card, hand write your message, find a stamp, and then put it in the mail. Cards like this have a tendency to linger and are passed around the office versus being stuck in an inbox and not forwarded.

Outside of the office, sending the old-fashioned “Thank You” card is less and less common. In a world where bills and marketing materials are all we tend to find in our mailboxes, a simple, handwritten Thank You card is special and makes all the difference. We suggest handwriting the address to further personalize it, however a return address, which is less critical, can be a stamp or sticker.

In the end, understanding the importance of the thought and time it takes to hand write a Thank You card can make you stand out and make a strong and positive impact to the receiving person.

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