Become as Organized as YOU Want!

Become as Organized as YOU Want!

Highly organized people know the importance of establishing a routine to maintain their success and organization. The weekend is the best time to prepare, reflect and organize your work week to ensure continued success in the long term. These are tips that can help you become more organized!

  • Prepare for Monday on Friday

By writing down the top priority for Monday, you are helping your mind stay in the mindset of the previous week’s momentum. When you get to the office on Monday, looking at your top priority helps to jumpstart your week and you easily slide back into the direction you were going last week.

  • Maintain Priorities Over the Weekend

Write down what you want to accomplish over the weekend, but refrain from scheduling every second. The weekend should reflect some downtime and spontaneity to allow you to move outside of the rigorous work environment of the week.

  • Create a System that Works for YOU

Following a colleague or coworker’s organizational lead can be overwhelming and disastrous for many people. Instead, take parts that would work for you and develop a schedule that works with your time, mind, and work ethic. Organization should not be a chore, but rather a step to maintain your success.

  • Take ME Time

Don’t be afraid to take time off, even if you have to schedule it into your work. Remember that taking time off for yourself to allow your mind and body freedom is also important to the continued success of your life.

  • Do the Small Things

Make it a habit to do the small things each day, even if you are only putting in 15-20 minutes each day. Do not wait until your paperwork or small tasks have piled up to be 1-2 hour tasks. If you miss a day or two of putting in that time, take time on the weekend to ensure you catch up before the following week.

  • Reduce Clutter

Find innovative ways to reduce clutter by identifying the places that tend to accumulate clutter and making them “pretty” to deter coworkers and even friends and family from placing their clutter down. For example, a clean desk is less likely to accumulate other people’s papers when you are gone.

  • Prepare in Advance

Find ways to prepare for your workweek in advance so you are not stuck thinking about small and insignificant things throughout the week. A great example is to pack all your lunches on Sunday and grab one each day or pack your gym clothes for the week and leave the bag in your car each day.

  • Successfully Delegate

Find ways to break up tasks between coworkers and even your spouse to ensure your work week is easier and not so time consuming as you mentally prepare for each step of the way. Small tasks are easily delegated as needed and allow you to focus on the bigger priorities at hand.

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