Three steps to make a career change

Three steps to make a career change

You want more out of your job. Why should that be a bad thing? Wanting more from your work is important and healthy, regardless of your age or experience. career change

A poll taken in 2015 from the University of Phoenix School of Business found that 60 percent of employees of all ages and 73 percent of employees in their thirties want to make a career change, but 40 percent are uncertain about what the next steps are to make that change.


Many accomplished and extremely smart employees do not know what they want because they do not know what their life means to them. The idea is to create a personal story to help you develop the career and decisions you need to propel your life forward.

Here are three steps to help you in that process towards a career change:

  • Name five skills that set you apart from your coworkers

What do you do the best and what sets you apart from your competition? Consider the praise that your coworkers and boss give you and use that as a starting point. This list can help point you towards the skills you are able to offer a company and use in a new position. Understanding how you are perceived in the workplace is extremely important in understanding how you make first impressions, maintain and stand behind them in performance.

  • Identify the core values that are responsible for your actions

These core values can range from family to morals and ethics. The important part is to realize how they play a part in your career. If you are family-oriented, then think about what job you want or need that will provide the desired lifestyle for your family.

  • Find your one true passion

Finding your passion can be as easy as a childhood internal knowing or taking the time to really determine what drives you, if it doesn’t come naturally. Sometimes taking small steps forward will lead you to that ideal position. Your passion is what is going to define you and take your skills to the next level. Passionate people have a way of bringing people together and being unforgettable because their passion is what fuels and develops them.

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