Successfully Climbing the Ladder as a Businesswoman

Successfully Climbing the Ladder as a Businesswoman

In a world where glass ceilings are frowned upon, but still exist, women find themselves pushing harder than ever to reduce the pay gap between themselves and men. With continued focus on developing their careers, women can direct their attention to five areas to help them grow as leaders and move up the career ladder.


Find Time for Knowledge

The push and pull of work and personal life can be exhausting to anyone in a career setting, which means finding the time to increase your knowledge can be difficult but can also launch your career to the next level. By finding a way to increase your knowledge whether through obtaining a new certificate, degree or skill, you are propelling yourself towards a lasting future in the company.


Become a Communications Master

Communications failures or failure to communicate are two of the biggest problems that arise in business. Whether looking at communication across departments, employees or customers, the heart of the matter is making sure your level of communication is strong and always on point. This means being aware of when it helps to have honest and open communication with the people around you, even if it is difficult.


Find the Ability to be Uncomfortable

We find comfort in the day-to-day expectations of our jobs and in the people around us. Stepping outside of that comfort level is what makes us better. By looking for new ways to improve on the everyday mundane tasks and working with new people, trying new things, and volunteering or creating new needed projects, you can create different ways for your own personal development.


Don’t Be Afraid of Failing

Take a moment to step out of your own head for a second and realize all you have to accomplish. Sometimes getting caught up in thinking less than amazing things about yourself could work you right into a mundane rut. Instead, focus on getting out there and getting things done. Failure can often be the best way to learn and grow.


Surround Yourself with Influencers

Some people are built to be go-getters and influential people in a company. By finding ways to work directly with them, you can maintain your positive energy and take your collaboration to the next level. Understand what makes them tick,  follow some of the same routes they have taken to success, and heed to advice they give you to get ahead.

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