Administrative Professionals’ Week: April 23-April 29, 2017

National Administrative Professionals’ Day began as National Secretaries Week in June 1952 to recognize Secretaries, Receptionists, Clerical and Administrative Assistants, and other support professionals for their hard-work, commitment and critical roles in every business.

Please join River City Staffing Group in celebrating and honoring all our skilled and talented support professionals who are dedicated to keep the wheels turning in our offices, companies and organizations; locally, nationally and worldwide.

Through the years, our Clients have shared their ideas with us, as to how they celebrate their valued Administrative Professionals:

  • Sign them up for a Seminar: Admin enjoy learning the most cutting edge tasks to keep them at the top of their game and appreciate this type of investment their company makes in them.
  • Take them out/ bring in lunch: Show your appreciation for their hard-work, year-round.
  • A business-related gift is always appropriate: Business card holder or personalized desk accessories.
  • Take a walk in their shoes: Allow your entire Admin staff to take lunch together while Managers cover their duties for the hour. Cover Phones, Create reports, etc.
  • Fruit basket: This is an appropriate gift for any Administrative Professional.
  • Post-lunch celebration: Works well for Administrative Teams; dessert/cake/goodies. Office shares stories of their outstanding support.

These are just a few ideas of how you can show your appreciation for your Administrative Assistant (Staff).



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