Ways To Destress and Work Less During the Week

Ways To Destress and Work Less During the Week

According to a study done by Stanford, productivity per hour drops off so much when a work week exceeds 50 hours that there’s no point in working past that threshold. Employees should use their weekend to help create a better work week ahead, which will help destress and relax during the week.

There are several ways to use your weekend to clear your head and come back to work on Monday prepared and ready for the work week ahead.


Disconnect and set aside a specific time for checking work emails and voicemails.

Being available to your workplace 24/7 electronically won’t allow you to disconnect and recharge for the beginning of your work week on Monday. By setting aside a short window of time during your weekend, you’ll alleviate stress without sacrificing your availability.


Designate mornings for yourself.

Find a physical activity you’re passionate about like running, bicycling, or gardening which will allow endorphin-fueled introspection and relieve stress. Your mind achieves its peak performance 2-4 hours after waking up, do something physical and then relax by doing something mental which will stimulate your mind. Focus on reading, painting, listening to music, or play with your kids.


Minimize chores that take over your weekend.

Allotted time slots for chores will allow you to enjoy your weekend and relax. Most chores feel like work, instead of working five days, you spend seven days working and cleaning. If you don’t finish them this weekend, finish them the following weekend.


Spend time with family.

A busy work week can slip away without spending quality time with family. Go on a date with your spouse, take your kids to the park or visit your parents. By relaxing with family you’ll be able to recharge for Monday morning.


Don’t sleep in.

You’re so tired of waking up early every morning for five days that the weekend seems like the perfect time to catch up on some extra sleep. That extra sleep you get can wake you up feeling groggy and tired because your brain and body is trained through sleep cycles to wake you up feeling rested and refreshed. If you want to catch up on sleep, go to bed earlier.


Create some adventure.

Buy tickets to a concert you want to see, or a sporting event. Plan a hike or a beach trip, by planning a small adventure for your weekend, you’ll be anticipating the end of your work week and be excited for the trip which will put you in a better mood come the work week.


Prepare your week.

By using thirty minutes of your weekend to plan your upcoming week can make you feel prepared and lead to significant increases in productivity for the week.


By bringing all of these ideas together, your productivity for the upcoming work week will increase and will allow you to become less available to your work on your days off.

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