Selling Yourself in Three Easy Steps

Selling Yourself in Three Easy Steps

Selling yourself for the first time can be really difficult, especially when you have a hard time believing what you are saying and feeling confident in those beliefs. Feeling awkward and unsure becomes easy to detect and is a quick way for an Interviewer to discover your weaknesses. Don’t let this be the obstacle between you and your next opportunity! There is an easy way to sell yourself and feel more comfortable.

You are a solution.

Companies are hiring to fill a need or void within their company. Whether it is the creation of a new position or replacing an empty position, you are there to be a solution. Try not to think of it as though you are selling yourself, but rather helping fill a much needed role within the company.

Focus on your strengths.

Many people focus on making their flaws look better. Don’t worry about your flaws, instead focus on your strengths. By focusing on your strengths, the company has the ability to figure out if you are a good fit for the position and their culture. This is the key to finding a job you are going to stay in for a long time because they hire you to use skills that play to your strengths! If they pass over you after learning your strengths, then know you were just not a good fit, instead of attributing it to your flaws.

Interviewers are only human.

While it can be scary to interview in front of someone knowing you are under constant scrutiny, know that they are only human and doing the job they were hired to do. Let your guard down and take a deep breath. While it is important to remain composed during an interview, understanding that they are trying to find the right fit and are considering you, should be enough to help you articulate your strengths without being afraid of what they are thinking.

Interviewing can be a very concerning and frightening experience, however it can be fun and exhilarating, too. Someone is genuinely interested in you and trusting you enough to potentially become part of their team. So the next time you have an interview, be thankful and find your confidence. After all, both of you are just doing your jobs.

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