Three Ways to Impress During an Interview

Three Ways to Impress During an Interview

During an interview, a first impression goes way past a firm handshake and good smile. Knowing how to further impress your potential boss is really what is at the heart of an interview.

Here are three strategies to use to impress during an interview:

Paraphrase your strengths. During an interview, the interviewer does not have time for long stories and jumbled thinking. Know what you want to say and find a concise way to present it.

Present a personal side. Meeting all the requirements to be hired is helpful, but you also have to meet their cultural expectations. Adding a personal touch will allow the interviewer to connect with you on a personal level. Ask a question that may start a personal conversation such as where they grew up.

Be memorable. Find a way to say something that sticks with them. Whether that is a quote or a statistic about their company, find a way to make the conversation something they will walk away thinking about.

First impressions are important in maintaining long-term connections. A great start will help you cultivate this relationship.

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