All Successful Leaders Share this One Trait. Now you can, too.

All Successful Leaders Share this One Trait. Now you can, too.

To be a successful leader, a manager or CEO usually has a list of over 1,000 qualities they have been told they need to exhibit. Maintaining these traits can be exhausting and difficult to remember in all situations, but what if this mass amount of qualities could be realistically reduced to just a few?


With all the different motivational speeches and information books on leadership, one common trait rises to the top of them all: actions. We have all heard the saying, “Actions speak louder than words,” and a true leader knows this is true. Not only do they believe it is true, but they inspire so many of their employees through acting on this saying.


Leaders that show the way and even lead the way are seen as highly respected leaders over the managers and CEOs that simply state or vocalize the way to accomplish a task or overcome an obstacle.


Employees respect this type of behavior and begin emulating this behavior around the office, which also increases employee morale.


At times we all are around a leader that is nothing more than a wordsmith. They can mean well, but lack the ability to act on their words the same as they expect you to act. This creates a “do as I say and not as I do” type of leadership that leaves little room for respect. Leaders such as these find themselves driving hard deals and setting consequences to instill fear to create the desired outcome. While the outcome is still the same as a leader with action, the likelihood of an employee repeating their behavior with passion and creativity is next to none.


Overall, there is compelling research to show that the single most respected trait in a leader is one that acts on their problems, instead of talking their way out of it.

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