How to Make a Lasting First Impression in an Interview

How to Make a Lasting First Impression in an Interview

First impressions are easy to nail in an interview: smile, make eye contact, have well thought out answers. The real art to being remembered is to make a lasting impression beyond just being likable. If you follow suite with the other people interviewing, you are not going to stand out in the long run. So what are some ways that you can be remembered after you have left an interview?

Here are some quick steps to be remembered by making a lasting first impression in your interview:

Give Freely without Expectation

Some people give quickly, but with expectation that it may return; it is the people that give freely without any expectation of having anything returned that sets them apart. This is an authentic way to be remembered, but how do you accomplish this in an interview? By listening. Listening what the interviewer is trying to accomplish and wanting to establish a connection, even on a small scale, shows you genuinely care for the person’s time and appreciate the interview. Even if you don’t get the job, establishing a short period of connection should make you feel good about the time you spent.


Share the Credit

There are always times in an interview where you get to brag about yourself. Of course the interviewer wants to know how you will be an asset to their company, but also wants to make sure you are an asset to their team. If you cared about your coworkers from your last job, you will share circumstances and goals with them as it is deemed fair. Sharing this spotlight not only shows you are a team player, but that you are also capable of working in a team without an ego.


Listen Non-Verbally

There will be times in the interview that the interviewer talks about the job and their expectation of what you would need to accomplish. Take this time to practice active listening by nodding, making eye contact, smiling, etc. You are again showing the other person you care and think what they are saying is important. Make sure you are not interrupting during this time with questions. You will get a chance to ask questions to show how much you actively listened.


Choose Careful Words

The words you use and how you use them will impact your interview considerably. Make sure when you are talking about coworkers or why you left your last job that you don’t talk about the failings of other people. The interviewer will see this as possibly gossip and you won’t be remembered in a likeable fashion after your interview. Try to switch the word “have” to the word “get.” It also changes perspective in an interview. When you get to do something, it makes it seem like you chose to and you were onboard with doing it; this also changes your feelings about getting to do it. When you “have” to do something, it seems forced, annoying, and frustrating. This can sometimes be challenging. Ask a positive person for help in finding the right words.


Be Thoughtful

After the interview, consider a simple thank you that shows you cared about the time the interviewer spent with you. Don’t do this because it is “protocol” and you want the job, instead do it because you genuinely care that they took the time to meet you and learn about you. Make sure what you write is genuine and even pulls from the active listening, to mention a moment they might have shared.

Remember to still practice all the things you were taught to do in an interview and not forget to bring the personable and genuine side with you. This will make you a stand out candidate among everyone else.

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