How to Maintain Employee Morale During a Resignation

How to Maintain Employee Morale During a Resignation

When a well-liked employee leaves a company, employees panic and office morale can take a turn for the worse.

How do you reduce the panic and increase the morale?

How you handle a change in staff will define you as a leader and a boss that your employees want to continue working for. After an employee puts in their resignation, employees are going to look to YOU for reassurance as to why this person is leaving.

Doing the following will ensure you handle the situation with ease and reduce additional turnover:

Take a Breath

Take some time to wrap your head around this person leaving and sort out your own emotions. Pay close attention to your own feelings during this time because they are likely the same feelings your employees will be feeling as well. Knowing how you handled them, will put you at the forefront of their feelings before they even understand themselves.



Celebrate the person who is leaving and what they have done for your company. If you simply let them go without the notice, your employees will feel that they don’t matter or you don’t really care. Host a small party and share the best of times you experienced with this person.


Have an Exit Interview

Do your own exit interview, even if you utilize a third party company. Take your time to ask the hard questions and be ready to take a few blows about how you could have done things differently. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent them leaving (life situation, moving, etc.), but other times, there are some things you could have done differently. Take the time to learn what you could have done differently that often times, your current employees wouldn’t have the heart to tell you.



Take the time to determine if the reasons as to why this person is leaving will create a pattern in your company or if there are things you can do to take the company (and your leadership) to the next level. Develop one on one meetings, if you need, to have conversations with additional employees in your company.


The main point to take away is that if you can improve a situation from this one person leaving, capitalize on it! Find a positive outcome from the situation and it will take you and your company to the next level.

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