The Truth About Hiring within Your Budget

The Truth About Hiring within Your Budget

You have identified that you will be hiring in the next few months or even immediately! Congrats! Now what? The process is simple…or is it?

  1. Place the job posting
  2. Receive resumes
  3. Start interviews
  4. Choose a qualified candidate

While the steps are simple, the reality is that the process is time consuming, daunting, and overwhelming. Business owners or the employees they have tasked with these steps, take an average of five to six weeks to hire an employee which is between 25 to 30 hours of total time, assuming each step goes smoothly and you don’t have to stop and start at the beginning again.

Unforeseen problems which make the job search take longer:

1. Place the job posting: Not enough applicants within the first week

    1. Freshen up the job posting
    2. Post on more than one job site
    3. Include social media posts

2. Receive resumes: Not enough qualified applicants

    1. Return to step 1

3. Start interviews: Not enough successful interviews to make a decision

    1. Return to step 1

4. Choose a qualified candidate: Candidate already accepted another job or turned down your offer

    1. Return to step 1


If you do not have time for an employee to spend weeks and weeks searching for a new hire that may or may not work out in the long run, River City Staffing offers different solutions that you may find helpful. Small businesses do not have the time or expertise to “return to step 1” throughout the process, but River City Staffing does! They have crafted this process down to a fine art and where you may need help with Step 1 or Step 3, they can help.

River City Staffing provides assistance along the way to help with a more affordable solution in the job search process. While you may want to do the interviews yourself, but finding a candidate is not your strong suite, you can call on JUST these services. We call this “the River City Staffing Experience.” Why? Because we aim to provide a tailored and unique EXPERIENCE to each of our clients, to meet their budget, time and candidate needs.

We are happy to share our new services with you and their affordable rates. Please contact us today to speak with your staffing representative.

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