What questions should I ask in an interview?

What questions should I ask in an interview?

When preparing for an interview, you have many focuses, including researching the company, the person interviewing you, etc. Sometimes you are so prepared to answer the questions that you forget to prepare the questions YOU want to ask. That is right; you should be asking questions, too.
There are two key reasons to ask questions in an interview:
One, you convey interest in the job when you ask the right questions. That is key here– to ask the right questions at the right time. Asking questions about salary in the first introductory call, for example, isn’t the right time.
Two, your job in an interview is to make sure you are a good fit for the company and position. Asking questions to find out more about the organization shows that you want a long-term career versus just any job.
When you are asking questions, you will want to meet the following requirements to increase your chances of getting hired:
  • Make sure you are building rapport with the interviewer.
  • Show you are interested in the job.
  • Discover if the company is the right fit for you.
If you take these three requirements into account while creating questions, the questions should come quickly to you. Ideally, our suggestion is to create five questions and ask at least three of them in the interview that makes the most sense.
Here are ten different questions you can ask in an interview:
  1. What skills are you looking for in the ideal hire?
  2. What is a significant problem that you are facing today and, if hired, would I help you solve this?
  3. What do you enjoy most about working for your company?
  4. Is there anything in this interview that caused concern or hesitation about my qualifications?
  5. How would a person be successful in this position?
  6. Do you offer professional training or continued education with the job?
  7. Can you tell me about the company culture and the team I will be working with?
  8. Can you tell me about the company’s plan for growth? Your department’s plan for development?
  9. Is this a new position or an existing position?
  10. What is the next step in the process?
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