Is your resume prepared to withstand the daunting “Round 1” screening process?

Is your resume prepared to withstand the daunting “Round 1” screening process?

Surviving in the Swift World of Resume Reviews

In the fast-paced world of job applications and hiring, your resume has a crucial role to play. It has to make an impression within six seconds, according to J.T. O’Donnell, CEO of Work It Daily, as quoted in a recent article by The Wall Street Journal. Yes, you heard it right; six seconds is all it takes for a recruiter to decide the fate of your application.

Why Do “Six Seconds” Matter?

With hundreds of online applications flooding their inboxes, recruiters rely on quick scans and algorithms to sift through potential candidates. Your resume must be “skimmable,” allowing recruiters to spot essential information swiftly. Ms. O’Donnell explains, “The human eye works in a Z-pattern, and I’m going down, looking for four to five things that I was told you need to have or you cannot be considered.”

Even though your resume won’t secure a job offer by itself, it’s the ticket to the next round — the interview. If it’s hard to skim or fails to highlight the skills needed for the job, you might lose the opportunity to present your case in person.

Essential Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Embrace A One-Line Headline

Recruiters no longer have time to read through a professional statement. Instead, start your resume with a concise, occupational headline. This headline should align closely with the role you’re applying for, such as “digital marketing specialist” or “technical writer.” Follow this headline with two columns of bullet points highlighting your concrete skills.

Focus on Your Most Relevant Work History

While it might be tempting to include all your work experience, this could be detrimental. Recruiters are looking for a match to the specific job opening — not a rundown of your entire career. Overloading your resume can imply you’re overqualified and potentially expensive. Stick to relevant professional work history and keep it concise.

Use Numbers Throughout Your Resume

Your resume is about showcasing your hard skills, which are best displayed through numbers. Instead of using vague and subjective language, quantify your experience. For example, don’t just say you “Answer phones.” Instead, say something like: “Worked for a 300-person company, answering more than 100 calls a day, on a 12-line phone system.”

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Brian Liou, founder and CEO of Rora, says, “Your LinkedIn is really your best resume.” Recruiters often hunt for potential matches on LinkedIn. Keep updating your profile regularly and take advantage of LinkedIn tools like Creator Mode. However, avoid using the “Open to Work” banner as it may contribute to discrimination against people between jobs.

Exercise Caution when Using AI Tools

While AI tools like ChatGPT from OpenAI can help build a resume, they can also be easily spotted by recruiters, which can result in negative points. These tools can be helpful if you’re building a resume from scratch, but they should only be used as a starting point.


In conclusion, surviving the six-second test requires a well-crafted, skimmable resume showcasing relevant skills and achievements. Prioritize clarity and relevance, use numbers to quantify your experience, and don’t forget to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Remember, every job you apply for deserves a unique touch on your resume, highlighting the skills relevant to that particular role.

Remember, the job market is competitive, but with the right approach, your resume can rise to the top of the pile!

River City Staffing: Helping You Tailor Your Resume for Success

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